Hello everyone Capt. Vinnie here, what a great week of deep sea fishing it has been in Fort Lauderdale, I would say the spring fishing conditions are here and in full force not to mention the weather has been just excellent no complaints here! This week the early mornings have been very good specially while trolling. Some really nice blackfin tuna coming on the deeper baits fished with planners the depth from 180 feet on out to 300 feet has been the magic area for these blackfin tunas and the size has been excellent. Average size has been around 10lbs give or take, now blackfin don’t get as large as yellowfin and bluefin tuna but that being said that doesn’t mean they don’t taste as good because they are excellent eating and not to mention sushi grade as well. We have been seeing a few bonito and kingfish as bycatch while tuna fishing. Moving a little deeper there has been quite a few mahi mahi right now which is not really common in the month of March off the coast of Fort Lauderdale but no complaints here, mahi are always welcomed aboard. The best advice I could give is try to locate a color change where the green water meets the blue water, there usually is a weed line of some sort because that is where the different currents meet and form an edge, usually there is bird activity as well. Mornings have had some solid action but I would say the best bet right now would be afternoon specially if your looking for some tuna, best to sleep in and get out for the afternoon bite. Spring fishing is definitely in full swing here in Fort Lauderdale lots of different species biting and plenty of action. This week please take the time to check out some of the great photos of some recent catches caught aboard the YB Normal while out deep sea fishing. And also remember to give us a like and follow on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram @Ybnormalsportfishing to see what we are catching daily. The weather has been excellent and the fishing has picked up drastically as we get into the heart of spring I would imagine the fishing to stay great and maybe even pick up more then it already is now, one thing to look forward to is game sharks they should be right around the corner, so be on the look out for that and if you are thinking about coming down to Fort Lauderdale specially for spring break we would love to get you out fishing with us so please look us up we would love to show you a great time on the water. more later…..

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