Hello everyone Capt. Vinnie here, this weeks report has pretty much the same theme as last week, the fishing has been great and the weather has been pretty good as well. To start this week of we are going to start inshore, trolling the edge of the reef has been producing alot of nice kingfish as of late and a few quality bonitos in the mixl. The kingfish have been very nice sized averaging around the 10lb mark with some larger ones as big as 20lbs biting on the troll. Trolling with fresh bonito strips cut daily and a pink seawitch over the top of the strip has been the hot ticket as of late. Most bites have been coming on the deeper lines fished under the surface with planners but on our surface baits we have been seeing quite a few sailfish action too. Before we move offshore one other technique that has been quite successful right now on the reef is kite fishing, on days when there is a strong wind coming from easterly directions flying a kite with live baits suspended underneath it has been producing quite a few sailfish right now as well as bigger kingfish and bigger bonitos. Fishing with live bait is always going to get you less bites then trolling but the fish you will catch on live bait is always going to be bigger so you have to decide if you want quality of quantity. Moving offshore we have been seeing quite a few mahi mahi right now, like I usually say when looking for mahi if you can find something to fish to like birds, weedlines, or even floating debris you can’t go wrong. When you can locate signs of life the predators are going to be close behind. Other then mahi the afternoons have been producing a solid bite of blackfin tuna right now. Fishing anywhere from 200-400 feet of water has been the best depths for the tunas and they have been eating mostly anything the trick is just finding where the tunas are, once you locate them getting the bite has been the easy part. There has been a few wahoo around as of late as well, although it is very tough to target wahoo in Fort Lauderdale this time of year it is certainly a welcomed by catch by all. Last but not least we have been doing a little bit of anchor fishing on the reef and the yellowtail snapper have been biting fairly well when the conditions cooperate. Anything from south east wind to east wind and a light north current is the recipe for picture perfect conditions to target these snappers. Anchoring in depths from 50-80 feet is going to be the best bet to anchor up for these snappers and start a chum slick. This week please be sure to check out some of our great photos of some recent catches we had while out on our deep sea fishing charters and remember to give us a like and follow on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing content. As we approach the month of May the fishing will stay very good we should start to see some more kingfish action as well as more quality tunas to, bottom fishing will pick up as well for snappers and possibly groupers, alot of great things to look forward too. We still have availably for the rest of April and May as well so if your coming down to Fort Lauderdale and looking to do some deep sea fishing please look us up we would love to get you out on the water and show you a great time. Capt. Vinnie (954)-559-4700

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