This week at on the YB Normal we have been doing things little different, in our daytime Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters we have been put the trolling equipment away and decided to do lots of bottom fishing for some tasty creatures, the trolling bite has been somewhat slow this week with a few fish around including kingfish and small tunas, we have been starting out our charters by catching some small live baits we prefer to catch blue runners for our live bait but speedos work well also.
Deep dropping is what we have been doing the most and for those of you that don’t know what deep dropping is its fairly simple we use a multiple hook rig called a chicken rig consisting of 5-8 hooks, circle hooks seem to work best for this application, also at the bottom of the rig is a sinker now we could be fishing anywhere from 200 feet of water out to 800 but this week mostly has been anywhere from 200-500 feet of water. Majority of the fish coming from these depths are very good eating some of the fish you could expect to catch would be snapper, grouper, porgy, and amberjack as well as a few tilefish.
There has been a great catch of vermillion snapper and yellow eye snapper on some of the local wrecks off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, on our chicken rigs we have been using small cut pieces of bonito or squid I prefer bonito because it stays on better, the keys to this fishing is to stay keep your bait right on the bottom or else you won’t get a bite, we have been catching some large size vermilion snappers anywhere from 2-4lbs. There has been also some larger amberjack on some of these deep shipwrecks to, when we get up to a wreck before we drop a chicken rig for snapper I tend to send a live bait down first because it seems that the biggest fish always eat first, some of the amberjacks have been close to 50lbs and trust me they fight hard!
Live blue runners have been working well for us we sew the bait on so the hook is more exposed and it seems to work the best for a solid hookup, amberjack fight hard and are some what good to eat but still no matter what its fun to catch large gamefish.
One more thing that I feel like is important is to always have a pitch bait rod ready because while wreck fishing you can have anything swim up to the boat so I feel its important to have a rod ready to pitch bait at anytime, first mate tj throw a small chunk bait to a shark that little mason caught his first shark that shark could have been a cobia or even a dolphin so its always important to be ready!
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