This week on the YB Normal we had a pretty busy week with some great customers and the fishing was great also, we started out the week with some great king fishing action with some great customers that work for dell computers, the waters where rough but the fishing was great we caught some really nice kingfish as well as some nice sized barracudas and bonito the best action was on the planners with sea witches and bonito strips, we also caught a small black tip shark.
Another great trip was a good friend of mine Jessica, she wanted to charter the YB Normal for her 7 year old Haydens birthday party, what a great day it was Hayden caught his first saltwater fish it was a barracuda almost as big as him, the bonito bite that day was insane pretty much every bait you put out was an instant bite we caught almost 30 fish in a 4 hour trip now thats some great fishing, we caught around 24 bonito as well as 4 king mackeral just a great day and here at the YB Normal wish Hayden a very happy 7th birthday!
One more great trip that comes to mind this week is a good friend of ours Tiffany, she has a small boat that I sometimes help her fish out of, I took Tiffany out on her boat for a late afternoon trip we trolled for a while catching some really nice blackfin tuna and a few mahi, before heading in we had a bite on our surface bait which was a ballyhoo with a seawitch over it, after playing with the fish for a few once we hooked it it began to start jumping and was a very nice sailfish, it was her first billfish ever, she angled it very well and after a 20 min battle we landed it took some great pictures and let the sailfish go to fight another day.
All in all a great week for us on the YB Normal sportfishing out of Fort Lauderdale, this week we have some availability so if your looking to get out fishing check us out the weather looks good and the fish are biting so what are you waiting for….
more later Capt Vinnie 954 559 4700