• Sharks

    About Shark Fishing

    ? Shark fishiing in fort lauderdale can be very exciting, there are lots of big sharks that swim just off the coast of ft. Lauderdale, some of the most dangerous in the world as a matter of fact. In fort lauderdale we have hammerhead, tiger, bull and lemon sharks to name a few. Sharks can be very hard fighters with lots of stamina; we use very heavy tackle on the yb normal for these giant fish. Some battles with these monsters last for a few hours. Shark fishing in fort lauderdale is excellent in the months of march through august but can be caught throughout the year. The sharks are migrating from north to south to find warm waters. These sharks swim anywhere from 200 to 400 feet of water, some of the sharks swim on the surface and others on the bottom of the ocean.

    ? There are also a few rare species of shark that we sometimes get lucky and catch. The mako is one type that is very good to eat and is one of the only sharks that we keep. Another is called a thesser shark who’s giant tail makes it hard to miss. All sharks are protected and are brought to the boat for pictures and then released. Next time you’re in fort lauderdale charter the yb normal and we can put you on one of these monsters.

  • Sailfish

    About Sailfish Fishing

    ? Of all the great game fish caught out of ft. Lauderdale the sailfish is one of the most spectacular. When hooked it is not unusual for them to fly out of the water many times. The sailfish range between 40 and 70 pounds and can sometimes get as big as 100 pounds. They are one of the fastest fish in the ocean. When fishing for sailfish one of the most productive methods is kite fishing. This entails flying an actual kite behind or to the side of the boat with one or two live baits attached by clips to keep them on the surface. Anglers will see the sailfish greyhound on the surface of the water and crush the live bait. At that time the line is released the clip and the battle is on.

    ? Depending on the size of the fish the fight can sometimes last for more than an hour. These fish are brought to the boat for pictures and then released to catch another day. Kite fishing is only one way of catching these incredible fish, other popular ways are trolling, live baiting and drifting. Any way you hook and catch a sailfish it will be a memory of a lifetime

  • Mahi-Mahi

    About Mahi-Mahi Fishing

    ? Mahi fishing (also known as dolphin or dorado) out of Fort Lauderdale can be fast and furious. These fish range from 5 to over 50 pounds. They are mostly found in large school in as close to 50 feet of water all the way out to far offshore. When hooked they are very hard and acrobatic fighters. When fishing for them there are all different types of methods which include trolling, live baiting, drifting and kite fishing. When you do get one on your line look for the school to stay with the hooked fish then throw bait out so you can hook another fish as long as you leave one in the water the school should stay with you. These are great fish for beginners to catch and also make some excellent table fare.

  • Tuna

    About Tuna Fishing

    ? There are many types of tuna caught in the waters off of Fort Lauderdale. You can catch albacore tuna, yellowfin tuna, once in a while have a chance at a bluefin tuna, but the blackfin tuna is the most plentiful off of Fort Lauderdale year around. Blackfin tuna range between 2 and 20 pounds and can exceed 40 pounds. There are plenty of faster fish in the ocean but pound for pound these fight the hardest. On the YB normal we use three different methods to fish for blackfin tuna trolling, drifting or still fishing. When trolling we use small offshore lures, feathers, spoons, and small rigged baits such as strips or ballyhoo. Deep diving plugs are also good. Blackfin tuna can also be chummed with live pilchards or small bait fish. Blackfin tuna can be caught within a mile from the beach to far offshore. Their food value is excellent. You can grill them pan sear them or just have them raw in different types of sushi. These fish are great for all anglers from beginners to seasoned veterans.

  • Kingfish

    About Kingfish Fishing

    ? Kingfish are found in the waters off of Fort Lauderdale all year around. They are similar in speed to the wahoo. We catch kingfish on 90% of our charters daily. Kingfish can range in size from small ones of around 5 pounds to really big ones of over 50 pounds; these are known to be smoker kings because when they strike, they pull so much line off the reel so fast that it almost makes the line smoke. Just like most of the fish in Fort Lauderdale, there are many ways to catch these prized game fish. The method we like to use is slow trolling with live bait and kite fishing. Kingfish can also be caught trolling and anchoring up on wrecks. When fishing for them it is not unusual to catch other game fish such as sailfish, tuna, dolphin and bonita. The kingfish is found in depths of water ranging from 50 feet to around 300 feet as they like to feed on bait around the reef. Kingfish put up a tremendous fight and are great for all types of anglers including seasoned veterans.

  • Wahoo

    About Wahoo Fishing

    ? Wahoo fishing in Fort Lauderdale can be very good depending on the time of the month you go fishing. The week preceding a full moon and around a new moon are the best days to fish for these spectacular game fish. Wahoo pound for pound might be the meanest fish in the ocean. The Atlantic sailfish might be the fastest. For sheer brute strength, the tuna might be topped. But for a savage strike at 50 mph and a brawl back to the boat the wahoo rules the blue water. When fishing for wahoo out of ft. Lauderdale the method we like to use most is fast trolling. We like to use a variety of lures at all different depths. When you for these fish you also have a chance at other kinds of fish like dolphin, tuna, kingfish, and sailfish. Trolling in depths between 200 ft. And 400 ft. Is very productive as is going over wrecks. When chartering the YB normal ask the captain if this is a good time for wahoo. Heavy tackle is used when targeting these fish be ready for a fantastic fight. Wahoo make great sushi and can be cooked many ways such as grilling, baking, and broiling. So when you come to Ft. Lauderdale to fish make wahoo your target.

  • Yellowtail

    About Yellowtail Fishing

    ? Fishing for yellowtail snapper in Ft. Lauderdale can be very productive at times. The reefs in Ft. Lauderdale are very close to shore. Yellowtail snapper live in all types of reefs including natural, artificial and shipwrecks. Fishing on the YB normal out of Ft. Lauderdale, we specialize in reef fishing for all types of snapper, the best way to target these fish is to anchor up on any type of structure, yellowtail snapper are current feeders. They bite best with a light to medium current. Once anchored up on a structure best thing to do is start chumming the area, this will bring snapper up the water column to investigate the scent. Start by using small cut baits such as fish, squid or shrimp. Snapper have keen eye sight so light tackle is best. When fishing for yellowtail snapper in Ft. Lauderdale on the YB Normal we use light spinning and rods.

    ? The key to snapper fishing is to constant feed line out, you want the piece of bait you are using to flow and blend in just like the chum you are using. Snapper are curious fish and may look at a piece of bait many times before deciding whether they want to eat it. While letting the line out the bite is similar to a surge there will be a short time where line will peel off the reel, at this time you want to close the bail of the reel and come tight with the fish. Yellowtail snapper are great fighting fish and excellent table fair. Big yellowtail are known as “flags? that’s because the one stripe down their body and large forked tail resemble a flag, these fish are trophy caliber snapper making hard runs and very tricky to hook. Next time you are in Ft. Lauderdale be sure to book a world famous night time yellowtail snapper trip it is an experience you won’t forget.

  • Golden Tile

    About Golden Tile Fishing

    ? Fishing for golden tile fish in ft. Lauderdale is quite exciting; these fish can get quite large and are excellent table fare. Golden tile fish live in depths deeper than 700 ft. They live in burrows inside muddy bottoms. Golden tile fish are very aggressive scavengers that will eat almost anything that goes near their burrow. They will eat a variety of baits including squid and cut fish. Fishing in Ft. Lauderdale, we are very fortunate to be able to reach depths of where these fish quite easy on a half day fishing charter. 700 feet of water is just over 3.5 miles from shore. The best way to target these fish is to use power asset or electric reels, these types of reels help us to drop bait to the bottom and bring it up quickly. We mostly use electric reels for these fish due to the northern current of the gulf stream, sometimes we use up to 8 lbs. Of lead to reach the bottom. Finding these fish can be a challenge but do to the electronics and experience of the YB normal crew it is not a problem. Golden tilefish like muddy ridges on the sea floor these ridges run a couple of hundred of feet long. Once overhead of them it is best to drop all the way to the bottom using a multiple hook rig with some type of underwater light to attract these fish. There is no light that penetrates this deep so anything that makes a commotion down there will help you get the bite. It is best to keep the bait on the bottom for as long as possible. Golden tilefish are hard fighter and have a beautiful array of colors also as I mentioned table fair known as poor man’s lobster. Golden tilefish are a great fish to catch so next time you are in Ft. Lauderdale charter the YB normal and we will put you on them.