Hello everyone Capt. Vinnie here, this week has been just excellent so lets get started with the report, so as of late the inshore bite on the edge of the reef has been excellent plenty of action. There has been a solid bite of bonitos right now, although like I always say there are not the best on the table to eat they fight hard and are a very important part of charter boat fishing. We use the bonito for bait as we cut the skin into strip baits for trolling, but you need bonito to catch other fish as well with out the bonito skin to make trolling baits you won’t catch any of the other predator fish like kingfish, tuna, mahi, or even wahoo. As much as it may seem that you are catching fish you can’t eat and it makes no sense without the bonito you wouldn’t catch anything. The bonitos are seasonal and are only here for a few months out of the year so we need as many as we can get as we use the skins year round. Other then bonito there has been some nice sized king mackerels around while trolling the edge of the reef as well early mornings seems to be best. A little bit deeper offshore there has been some blackfin tunas biting in the later afternoons, we have had alot of rain the last few days so there has been a surplus of fresh water in the area so it is key to find the color change where the green water meets the blue water and thats where the tunas have been. Further offshore for a mahi report it is safe to say the fish are here! We recently went offshore and had a nice catch of mahi mostly on birds, birds are going to be the best thing you can find because where the birds are is where the baitfish are and thats going to lead you to the predator fish. Right now I would say it is very important to bring with you some live bait when looking for mahi this time of year because if you happen to get into a school the live bait is one thing that they just can’t say no to. The mahi have been as far offshore as 1,000 feet of water but as close in as 700. Hard easterly winds are always going to push the fish inshore and thats going to be the best window to go is after a hard easterly blow. The bite on the mahi should improve more and more as we approach July. As for a bottom report this week there has been some nice sized amerjacks on some of the deeper wrecks, live bait is very important to get there interest but right now bottom fishing has been a very condition based fishery meaning if the current is not moving in the same direction as the wind it is a waste of time, and also if there is no current it is hard to get a bite. Conditions change everyday so windows will open when everything is right for some bottom and wreck fishing. This week please check out some of the great pictures we have of some recent catches caught while out on our deep sea fishing charters and remember to give us a like and follow on social media platforms like facebook and instagram @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing content. Still plenty of availability for the rest of June and moving into July so if your looking to get out and do some deep sea fishing please look us up we would love to get you out on the water and show you a good time.

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