Hello everyone, Capt.Vinnie here. I know it has been a little while since my last report we have been working on the boat in the boat yard and making alot of very nice upgrades and improvements to the YB Normal. Also this week it has been pretty windy and rough and not much fishing but I do have a report for you guys. This week in Fort Lauderdale. I would say that the accurate way to put the fishing would be hit and miss, it hasn’t been red hot by no means but if you put in your time there are some quality fish to catch. On the inshore there has been a good amount of king mackeral available as well as some nicer mahi mahi chasing live baits in shallow. You can target either of these species while trolling but live baiting is going to get you bite from the bigger fish. Also in the mix there has been some sailfish around too, same thing applies as the species stated before live bait in going to get the bigger fish. For bottom fishing this week the snapper bite on the reef has been exceptional for yellowtail and mutton snapper if the conditions are correct, meaning the wind and the current are going the same direction. While anchor fishing for snapper there is a great chance to catch some Spanish mackeral and possibly a sailfish or mahi on live bait. For an offshore report there has been some blackfin tuna in the afternoons anywhere from 300 to 400 feet of water and trolling has been the best method. Fishing planners down under the surface and smaller sized baits on the surface fished way behind the boat is going to get you the bites. Seems to be a little bit of all species biting right now off the coast of Fort Lauderdale but nothing is red hot right now a little of this and a little of that which is the equivalent to what we like to call a “mixed bag.” This week please be sure to check out some of the great photos of some recent catches while out on our deep sea fishing charters and also be sure to give us a like and a follow on social media platforms like facebook and instagram @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing content. The holidays are approaching and we have a good amount of availability, fishing makes a great gift for someone special as well as a fun thing to do while down in Fort Lauderdale on vacation so if your coming down and looking to go deep sea fishing look us up we would love to show you a great time on the water.

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