Hello everyone, Capt. Vinnie here, the theme this week just like the last two weeks remains snapper, the snapper fishing right now off the coast of Fort Lauderdale maybe some of the best I have ever seen. Starting off in the inshore side of things trolling in the early mornings has been somewhat consistent for species like kingfish, barracuda, and bonito, also a select amount of blackfin tuna as well. The trolling bite has been good from about 730 am till until about 10am when the temps start to really warm up. Trolling with seawitches and fresh bonito strips is always a great combination that you can’t go wrong with, also a small drone spoon in the 2inch size has been working very well too. Right on the edge of the reef from 80 feet on out to 180 has been the most consistent. As for snapper fishing this week, there has been a very strong north current and that has made the yellowtail snappers really want to cooperate, anchoring up in around 75 feet of water and using chum has been very very productive, when getting to a spot an anchoring it is very important to be patient and let your chum work in order to bring the fish up from the bottom. Fishing for yellowtail snapper is more of like an art form and requires technique and patients. Besides yellowtail snapper we have still been catching some mutton snappers like stated in the last 2 reports prior. As long as the current remains in a Northern direction the snappers will continue to bite. The snapper bite has been so good that we have pretty much been limiting out on snapper daily. On the deeper spots there has been some nice sized vermillion snapper and a few yellow eye snapper as well in the mix, these types of snapper are deepwater dwellers and its hard to chum them up like yellowtail snappers, we use multiple hook rigs called chicken rigs with small pieces of cut bait to catch the deepwater snappers. Weather you catch yellowtail or vermillion all of the snapper species are all some of the best eating around. Last but not least there has been some mahi mahi way offshore right now but an all day charter is going to be your best bet in order to have a decent catch of mahi. Looking for birds and or floating debris is going to be the ticket in order to find a fishy area. Bringing some live bait would be a good idea incase you find some finky fish. The mahi fishing should continue to improve more and more off the coast of Fort Lauderdale specially as we approach the end of July and moving into august. So be on the look out for future reports with mahi. This week please be sure to check out some of the great photos we have of some great catches caught while out on our deep sea fishing charters and remember to give us a like and follow on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing content. We still have availability to finish out the month of July and we have availability for August as well some of the best months to fish, so if your coming to Fort Lauderdale and looking to do some deep sea fishing please look us up we would love to show you a great time on the water.
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