Hello everyone, Capt. Vinnie here, this week in Fort Lauderdale we have had some windy days with rough seas and we have had some days with light wind and calm seas, a little bit of everything I guess you could say. Seems to be the afternoon bite has been a little better then the mornings. Starting on the reef which is less than 1 mile off the coast of Fort Lauderdale there has been a few kingfish as well as smaller sized bonito, trolling depths from 80 feet on out to 150 seems to be the best choice, there also has been some larger barracudas on alot of the shallow wrecks right now. We have been having a little sailfish action lately, fishing live bait while using a kite has been the best method if you want to exclusively target sailfish, the deeper edge of the reef has been better for sails finding the north current or gulfstream water is key, setting up as deep as 220 feet has been a good depth and being that deep gives you lots of options for a variety of game fish that might take your bait from tuna, wahoo, mahi mahi and possibly a shark. With the windy days fishing with a kite is the preferred method, the kite is used to keep the live baits on the surface splashing around, it is quite the fishing technique attention to detail is very important as well as having a good eye for any sign of a nervous live bait. It does take some patience, sometimes you can get a bite right away or sometimes it does take time like any type of fishing. There has been a fair amount of green water the last few days, but it seems on the days that the water is blue there has been some really respectable mahi mahi around, either live baiting or trolling is a great choice to catch these guys they are not picky one bit. I would say right now the best bite has been in the afternoon for blackfin tuna, the later in the evenings the better “low light conditions” is the word for it, trolling small lures like feathers or squid skirts has been the best choice, there has been a few larger sized tunas as well up to around 15lbs or so which is a great sign for this time of year. This week I don’t have an accurate bottom fishing report due to the heavy current we have had, hopefully the current lays off a bit and I will have a more accurate bottom fishing report next week. Be sure to check out some of great photos of some recent catches we have had during our deep sea fishing charters this week and remember to give us a follow on social media platforms like facebook and instagram @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing content. This week fishing in Fort Lauderdale has been somewhat tough, some days better then others, im hoping for something to break here shortly, I would imagine that there will be some more sailfish moving through in the next few days with the fronts that we have coming this way and I would bet on the blackfin tuna bite improving as we get later into the winter, I should have a new report soon so be on the lookout and we do have some availability coming up this week and the next so if your coming to Fort Lauderdale or Hollywood be sure to check us out for a great day on the water. More Later…. Capt. Vinnie 954 559 4700