Hello everyone, Capt. Vinnie here…This week the fishing in Fort Lauderdale has been spectacular, specially the bottom fishing which I will get to shortly. Starting off on the inshore side of things there has been some early morning kingfish on the reefs edge, trolling is normally a great way to catch these guys but live bait has been a better option, slow trolling live baits on the reefs edge with wire rigs has been a very good choice to entice these fish. A few sailfish are starting to move through the area right now but I would expect to see a better showing as we get closer to the end of the year. On the offshore side of things there has been a few mahi mahi around if you can find something floating offshore thats going to be the golden ticket, also right now there has been some wahoo on the floating debris that you finding mahi under, for the wahoo your going to want to fish bait that you can take under the surface, that will put you right in the strike zone. Swordfishing remains strong right now and now is definitely a great time to get out there to target a trophy or bucket list fish. Bottom fishing this week has been amazing, the deeper waters off the coast of Fort Lauderdale have been loaded with a bunch of snappers and some groupers. We have been fishing structure as deep as 500 feet of water. We have been catching some red snapper lately which is a rare species for our area so catching one of those is always a nice surprise. Majority of the bottom fishing caught this week has been vermillion snapper which is a great eating fish and fun to catch, also we have been getting some porgy, as well as snowy grouper one of my favorite to eat. Some of the local shipwrecks off the coast of Fort Lauderdale have been having some large amberjack too, which are super hard fighters and will test you as an angler. I have some great pictures this week of some great catches caught aboard our deep sea fishing charters out of fort Lauderdale so please be sure to check them out. Also remember to follow us on social media platforms like facebook and instagram @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing content. This week we are taking the YB Normal out of the water for some yearly maintenance and we will be back in about a week or so, but we are still accepting reservations for the month of December which is a great time to do some deep sea fishing if your coming to fort lauderdale on vacation. Capt. Vinnie 954 559 4700

More later….