Hello everyone, Capt. Vinnie here, this week the weather has been much better so I have a much more detailed and better report for you guys, it been a super fun week with great fishing and even better people… This week the weather has been fantastic calm winds and seas making it a real joy to be out on the water, the trolling this week has been somewhat hit and miss earlier in the week there has been a few mahi mahi just on the edge of the reef lots of floating debris from the recent hurricane that just missed us, floating pieces of seaweed or garbage has been key to finding some nice sized mahi, also on the floating debris there has been a good amount of wahoo mostly under 10lbs but still an awesome fish to catch and not to mention eat! In the late afternoons we are starting to see some tuna action, mostly skipjack tuna feeding on bait, smaller lures are the best for them as they say you want to match the hatch so you want to troll something on the small size in order to mimic what they are eating. Swordfish still remains super strong right now and should remain very good until the end of February definitely a great time to catch a fish of a lifetime if that is something that is on your bucket list. This week the bottom fishing has been just plain outstanding the great weather conditions we have had this week definitely help to pin point certain spots specially deeper spots as deep as 500 feet. Lots of really nice sized snappers being caught and a quite a bit of grouper too. Mostly vermillion snapper up to 3lbs which is a great size for this species, as well as a few yellow eye snapper, XL trigger fish this week as well and we have been catching a few red snapper which is a rare fish for our area. Grouper wise we have been getting a good amount of snowy grouper as well as a few scamp grouper. All these fish have 1 great thing in common they all are fantastic to eat, white flakey meat which can be cooked pretty much anyway you can imagine. Wreck fishing for amberjacks has been good as well, but remember with these guys live bait is a must. Great fishing all around this week and like I said earlier the weather couldn’t get any better. Be sure this week to check out some of our great photos of some recent catches caught during our deep sea fishing charters and remember to follow us on social media platforms like facebook and instagram for daily fishing content. We have some cooler weather moving in this week which should bring in some sailfish action possibly some mahi too so be on the look out for a new report………. more later

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