Hello everyone, Capt. Vinnie here this weeks reports is very good lots of action especially on the bottom but first before the report I would like to address the tragic hurricane that affected the west coast of Florida, I have alot of fishing buddies that have charter business just like me that just recently lost there boats to this storm prayers sent to them! Anyways this week there has been a very good bite happening right off the coast of Florida more precisley Fort Lauderdale. When you have a hurricane such as the one that just passed the pressure changing makes the fish either go into hibernation where they seek shelter to ride out the storm just like humans or you have fish that try and gorge themselves and eat everything they see as if the world was coming to and end. Basically what Im trying to say is that the fishing before and after a storm is usually fantastic. We have been doing some trolling as of late but it hasn’t been super productive a few bonito and kingfish on the inshore side of things. The bottom fishing has been fantastic as of late lots of nice snappers and nice sized grouper right now, the Fort Lauderdale area is not really known for having great bottom fishing in general but because of the storm passing through these fish are hungry and ready to eat. There has been alot of vermillion snapper as of late on deeper structure like shipwrecks and hard bottom as well as a few deep water grouper, we did manage this week to catch a super rare species of deep water grouper for this area called a Kitty Mitchell, these fish have some of the prettiest colors on a fish I think you will ever see and not to mention great on the dinner table. Also there has been some nice sized amberjack still abundant on deep water structure. On the reef there has been some really large red grouper and an abundant of mutton snapper, alot of smaller mutton snapper that are just short of the legal 18inch minimum but still fun to catch and lots of consistent action. Also this week while doing some bottom fishing we did catch a kingfish that was 50lbs in weight that was the biggest of the year another outstanding catch this week. Offshore there is still a good amount of mahi mahi and lots of floating debris from this storm which makes finding mahi right now alot easier then normal. Please be sure this week to check out some of the great pictures of some recent catches this week during our deep sea fishing charters, including the Kitty Mitchell grouper and the 50lb kingfish. Also remember to follow us on social media platforms like facebook and instagram for daily fishing content @Ybnormalsportfishing. If your looking to go fishing in fort lauderdale now is a fantastic time to get out there after a big storm is one of the best times to get out there calm weather and lots of fish. Should have a great report next week so be on the lookout!! Capt. Vinnie 954 559 4700