Hello everyone, Capt. Vinnie here, this weeks report is awesome so lets get started right away… Moving into the month of September is a great month to come deep sea fishing in the Fort Lauderdale area, September is not our busiest month by a long shot but that doesn’t mean that the fishing isn’t fantastic, lots of options of things to fish for and things to catch. Starting on the offshore side of things we recent had a daytime swordfish charter which is pretty much the pinnacle of fishing, its one of the hardest forms of fishing there is, bottom fishing in 1700 feet of water to possibly get lucky and see such a majestic creature or to sit out there all day and get sunburnt and not see a thing, its a huge gamble but the risk is worth the reward if you hook up. We had some great customers from Canada that were looking to catch a swordfish an that they did, it was an awesome trip with some great people to say the least. Staying offshore there has been mahi mahi in pretty consistent numbers longer trips like 8 hours are better suited if you want to chase these fish. Plenty of weed lines and floating debris have been making It somewhat easy to locate a reference point of were these fish might be. Moving on the inshore side of things plenty of bonito still as well as a few kingfish and blackfin tuna. Kingfish have been biting just on the edge of the reef and the earlier the better. Blackfin tuna have been biting early mornings but evenings have been best and there size has been great averaging anywhere from 5 to 10lbs, As far as bottom fishing goes plenty of vermillion snappers on deeper shipwrecks and bottom fishing structure, as well as some larger amberjack too, on the reef yellowtail snappers are still biting fairly well depending on the conditions and if there is current to carry your chum down the reef, there is still a few mutton snapper around as well and live bait continues to be the best option for them. Remember to check out some of the great photos posted this week of some great catches aboard the YB Normal during our deep sea fishing charters, also give us a follow on instagram and facebook for daily fishing content @Ybnormalsportfishing. As you can see the fishing is still pretty hot with lots of options of things to catch, it should stay consistent for a while so if your coming to Fort Lauderdale and looking to go deep sea fishing we would love to have you. Be on the lookout for another report in the near future…more later

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