Hello everyone, Capt. Vinnie here this weeks report I’m going to start out about how hard we work to make sure everyone has a great time that comes deep sea fishing with us, some days are easier then others thats for sure, some days you put the lures out and the fish just bite plain and simple other days seems like your looking for literally a miracle. As of late the seaweed has been very very tough, most days making it almost impossible to fish and alot I mean alot of work for the crew specially the first mate, I know this sounds crazy but it somewhat dictates where you have to fish. There are some clean areas and there are still fish to be caught too. Starting off on the inshore side of things on the days the seaweed is at bay there has been a good amount of kingfish around trolling has been very productive with fresh bonito strips fished on a planer to take the bait into the strike zone, bonito are still plentiful on the reef as well, not the best eating but still fun to catch. This week we have been doing alot of bottom fishing due to the seaweed situation, we have been catching some nice sized mutton snappers and a few nice gag grouper on small pieces of structure using large pieces of fresh bonito fished on a long leader around 50 feet due to the heavy current we have been having. Moving on the offshore side of things blackfin tuna have been in good numbers in depths from 200 to 400 feet and seems early morning and late late evening has been best. Small squid lures or feathers in dark colors fished on the surface are producing very well. The dolphin or mahi mahi report this week seems they have been a little hit and miss they been pretty tough to find in good numbers seems only one here one there I would imagine there should be more pushing through in a few days, but for now always finding birds and floating debris is usually going to get you a few bites. This week be sure to check out some of the great pictures of some recent catches while deep sea fishing and as always remember to follow us on social media platforms like instagram and facebook @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing content. The grind doesn’t stop for us busy week ahead here I hope to have a solid report and pictures for you guys soon… more later

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