Hello everyone Capt. Vinnie here this week the fishing still remains hot in the fort Lauderdale area so lets talk about it… The fishing out of Fort Lauderdale remains to be very consistent on the offshore side of things there has been larger sized blackfin tuna moving through the area, early mornings and late afternoons have been best on these guys specially days that are overcast, trolling remains the best way to target these guys fishing small feathers or squid style lures as well as trolling planers to take baits deeper in the water. There still has been a few wahoo around although the month of may is not the best month to target wahoo there is always a chance to catch one when there is lots of tuna around because tuna is one of there food sources. Also the last week it has been very windy here and there has been some rather large mahi mahi that have showed up, there is no real way to target them yet because they are not in numbers but somewhat of a right place right time kind of thing but still mahi are always a great catch and lots of excitement. Moving on the reef the kingfish bite has been picking up major, lots of kingfish right on the edge of the reef and trolling for them with planners and seawitches has been very effective also live baiting has been very good in order to target the larger size kingfish, bonito have also been in full force here, not a great fish for the table, but great fish to fight and catch. On certain days with the right conditions anchoring up for yellowtail snapper has been very productive, current is a must to take your chum away from the boat and attract the snapper, using light tackle makes snapper fishing a blast. Anchoring up on the reef is always a great way to put some nice fish in the cooler for dinner. This week the fishing has been outstanding lots of different species to catch and different ways to target them to, as we approach summer time we should see certian species like mahi mahi pick up in numbers as well as big game sharks to definitely alot to look forward to in the near future. Make sure you check out our great photos this week of some great catches we had during our deep sea fishing charters, and remember to follow us on social media platforms like instagram and facebook @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing content more later….

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