Hello everyone Capt. Vinnie here, this weeks report is going to be somewhat like a part 2 from last weeks report so lets get right to it. The fishing right now in Fort Lauderdale has been fantastic as of late, starting offshore there has been a good amount of tuna and some large ones to, trolling with planers has been very productive for these guys, while fishing for tuna we have still been getting a few wahoo, spring time is not a great time in Fort Lauderdale to target wahoo but there are a few around if you can get lucky. This week we have been having some heavy winds from the easterly direction and it has been bringing a few mahi mahi, it is still early in the season for these guys but its a good sign of some great fishing to come. On the edge of the reef there has still been sailfish and quite abundant to, Kite fishing with live baits has been key to target sailfish, depths inside of 200 feet have been producing, while kite fishing we have been starting to catch some kingfish, its been a while since we have caught kingfish so its nice to know that the spring time fishery is in full effect. This week haven’t been doing much bottom fishing so you will have to wait till next week on a report for snapper and other bottom dwellers. All in all the fishing right is hot and its a great time to come to Fort Lauderdale to get in on the action…Check out some of our great pictures of some recent catches caught during our sportfishing charters this week, also remember to follow us on social media platforms like instagram and Facebook @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing content. Very windy this week and seems to be calming down early next week so we should have another great report to come….

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