Hello everyone Capt. Vinnie here first I would like to wish everyone a happy holidays and a happy new year! This weeks report is a good one so you don’t want to miss it… We have had some excellent weather down here in Fort Lauderdale calm winds and calm seas. Starting offshore this week the wahoo bite has been fairly steady most mornings if you fish specifically for wahoo you can get a few bites, wahoo are a great gamefish they have beautiful colors and are very very tasty on the dinner table as well as a somewhat rare fish to catch because we don’t catch them al the time. Trolling planners with baits down deep have been the best way to target the wahoo. Trolling a little faster is always a great way to get there attention too. Depths from 200 to 500 feet have been best. Staying offshore there has been a few blackfin tuna around also somewhat on the smaller side but still a great fight and great eating. Very very few mahi mahi around as well if you can find something floating its usually right on the money this time of year but mahi is not something during the winter that you can physically target its more of a luck thing. Moving inshore Sailfish has been the primary target. When there is a strong ocean breeze kite fishing has been the go to with live bait. The sailfish have been anywhere from 100 to 200 feet of water. When you kite fish you are fishing a kite in the air and you are suspending live baits from it right on the surface of the water splashing around, this is a great way to target hungry billfish like sailfish or any fish that eats other fish. Last but not least the bottom fishing this week has been very good certain days better then others but some very nice sized vermillion and yellow eye snapper have been biting fairly well, small pieces of cut baits like bonito and squid have been the best bet also a few snowy grouper have been around also definitely one of my favorite fish to eat. Lots of options this week as far as fish to catch, some days have been better then others but for the most part we have been producing some nice fish most days. Make sure this week to check out some of our great pictures of some wonderful catches this week. As always remember to follow us on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing videos and reports. Like I said earlier hope everyone has a happy new year and if your in the Fort Lauderdale area looking to do some deep sea fishing we would love to have you!!! more later… Capt. Vinnie 954 559 4700