Hello everyone Capt. Vinnie here, great report this week with some great catches in Fort Lauderdale so lets get to it. This week the fishing has been outstanding in the Fort Lauderdale area, starting offshore mahi mahi and tuna have been the primary target larger mahi have been swimming throughout the local waters right off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, earlier in the week we had a cold front come through that really made the bite hottt! Sailfish, tuna, and mahi have been chasing baitfish on the edge in around 100 out to 400 feet of water which is literally only 1 to 3 miles offshore. Most of the mahi we have been catching have been caught primarily trolling with seawitches and bonito strips as well as rigged ballyhoo. The average size has been around 12 to 15lbs with some bigger mixed in also. Catching live baits like ballyhoo on early morning trips is a great alternative to trolling and can open up a variety of other species as well like sailfish. While fishing offshore we still have had a great tuna bite. Blackfin and skipjack tuna have been biting quite regularly in depths of 200 to 500 feet of water, primarily on smaller baits like feathers. Moving inshore there has been plenty of smaller bonitos what we like to call “bullets” they make great live baits but also is something to pull on when the action is somewhat slow at times. Kingfish have moved in recently in great numbers and trolling for them with planers to take baits under the surface is the preferred method depths of 80-150 feet have been best as well as fishing shallow wrecks. Sailfish are here and biting as well bu the bite should get even better as we approach the holidays defiantly something to look forward to in the upcoming weeks. Plenty of fish biting this week so please check out our photos this week of some recent catches during our deep sea fishing charters. We have availability as well so if your coming to Fort Lauderdale and looking to do some deep sea fishing we would love to have you aboard. As always please be sure to follow us on social media platforms like facebook and instagram @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing reports and videos. Tight lines everyone! more later… Capt. Vinnie 954 559 4700