Hello everyone Capt Vinnie here, this week I have a great report for the recent fishing that is going on right now in fort lauderdale. Recently in the Fort Lauderdale area the fishing we have been having has been outstanding as of late. Lots of action on our deep sea fishing trips, The offshore fishing has been very good with lots of black fin tuna being the steady catch on most fishing charters as of late. The tuna have been biting very well in depths of 200 to 500 feet of water pretty much eating smaller sized lures like feathers and small spoons. While fishing for tuna there has been some other things to catch as well like mahi mahi and a few wahoo. Blackfin tuna has been the primary tuna that we have been catching lately but skipjack tuna have been around as well, skipjack tuna are great eating and if you eat canned tuna they are labeled as chunk light tuna in a can, skipjack tuna are also some of the hardest fighting tuna around that we catch in fort Lauderdale. Mahi have been somewhat prevalent this week as well there has been some small weedlines offshore and they have been holding some very nice sized mahi all ranging in the size of around 15 pounds which is a great fish to fight as well as eat. There has been some mahi as well in shallow chasing baitfish but live bait is key for the mahi in shallow because they are focused in on the baitfish there chasing. Kingfish have been making an appearance here and there some days we catch a few and other days can’t seem to find them, trolling planers to take baits deep in the water column with bonito strips and seawitches have been best, pink has been the hot color for them and depths from 80 feet to 150 feet have been best for them. The cooler temps that we are experiencing should have the sailfish on the move headed our way which is great news. This week we have some great photos of some recent catches aboard our deep sea fishing charters so be sure to check them out. If your heading down to the fort Lauderdale area and looking to do some deep sea fishing we would love to have you, we have availability and fishing is starting to heat up! As always follow us on social media platforms like instagram and facebook @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing videos and reports. Tight lines

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