Hello everyone Capt.Vinnie here this week report is a good one about some other types of fishing that we offer in the Fort Lauderdale area. This week the trolling bite has been some what slow so we have decided to do some bottom fishing while anchored up on the reef, since the weather has been so beautiful this week. Fishing on the anchor is a great way to catch different types of edible fish in Fort Lauderdale. On days that we are booked with calm weather meaning light winds and calm seas we have been anchoring up on the reef in depths of 70 to 100 feet of water, first measure of business is to put chum in the water in order to entice the fish, our primary target while anchored up is the yellowtail snapper, a very hard fighting fish as well as beautiful colors and one of the best there is on the table for dinner. While chumming the waters we like to take a few minutes and rig some fishing rods while the chum is working it is important not to fish right away because you are trying to bring the fish up from the bottom and close to the boat which will make them easier to catch, yellowtail snapper fishing requires light tackle and small hooks because these fish have great eyesight, so 15lb is our standard, the best baits for them are small cut pieces of bonito as well as cut sardines or silversides, while fishing for snapper in Fort Lauderdale there are lots of other species you can catch like trigger fish, cero mackeral, king mackeral, and also bonito just to name a few. When chumming usually the first thing to show up is live ballyhoo and we have been catching them and putting them in the bait well to use later in the trip, if conditions allow we have been anchoring out deep in depths of 150 to 200 feet to fish for mutton snapper with the live ballyhoo, mutton snapper are very smart so fishing a long leader and keeping your bait still is very important. We had some great catches of snappers this week while fishing the reefs in fort lauderdale. We did do some trolling also but it has been quite slow there has been a few blackfin tuna and bonito around on the deeper reef but kingfish have somewhat disappeared, mahi are around as well but have been far offshore so an all day trip is needed. All in all red hot reef fishing for snapper but the pelagic’s should start to bite soon. Anyways some nice pictures this week of some great catches so be sure to check those out and as always follow us on social media platforms like facebook and instagram @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing videos and pictures. Capt. Vinnie 954 559 4700

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