Hello everyone, Capt. Vinnie here this weeks report is a little different then normal like the title says mixing it up In fort Lauderdale thats exactly what we have been doing this week. Starting off this week trolling has been somewhat slow most days and that does happen from time to time because majority of the fish that we catch are migratory fish meaning that they are always on the move, so this week being the weather has been absolutely beautiful by that I mean flat calm seas and very light light winds, we have been anchoring up on the reef around 75 feet of water and chumming the waters with ground up fish and it has been very very productive for us, our target species has been yellowtail snapper, which is a great eating snapper as well as a hard fighting fish and also has beautiful colors as well. Yellowtail snapper are very smart so light tackle is a must, we have been using smaller size hooks and light weights to float back small pieces of cut fish and squid in order to entice the yellow tail snappers to bite, some by catches while doing this type of fishing could include other types of snappers like mangrove, and mutton snappers as well as kingfish, cero mackerels, and grouper. Anchor fishing is a great way to get into some action when other types of fishing are a little slower. We have been doing a little bit of trolling this week in the afternoons and tuna has been a primary target species, blackfin tuna have been biting well in depths from 200-400 feet of water trolling small squid lures at higher speeds then normal. A few kingfish have been around as well and there has still been some mahi mahi offshore but they have moved somewhat further offshore then where they originally have been coming through. All in all this week has been productive with lots of great catches and great variety of different species as well, be sure to check out the great photos this week of some recent catches, there is availably this week so if your down in the fort Lauderdale area looking to get out deep sea fishing check us out we would love to have you, we also have cold ac for these hot summer days we have been having. Remember to follow us on social media platforms like facebook and instagram @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing videos and pictures. more later… Capt. Vinnie 954 559 4700