Hello everyone, Capt. Vinnie here, this week has been a busy one but I want to first wish everyone a happy fourth of July hopefully it was a great one! this week like the title says big game fishing in Fort Lauderdale is what this weeks report is all about, this week we have been having some large fish moving through Fort Lauderdale, fishing for sharks has been excellent this week with all different types of species biting some bigger then others of course but all sizes are a lot of fun. This week we have been starting out our deep sea fishing trips on the troll which seems to have the best steady action, fishing with planners to take bait deep under the surface as been somewhat the most productive way recently, plenty of little tunny or bonito have been around and they are hungry, not such great table fare but they are a great gamefish if your looking for a fight boy do they pull and they usually run in schools so most likely when hooking one there is a chance to double up if you have multiple lines out there as well, mixed in with the bonito has been a few king mackeral which have been a little on the larger size around 10lb average or so which is great size for eating as well as putting up a fight. A few blackfin tuna are around as well on the smaller size but still great for sushi. As we move offshore there are mahi mahi offshore but you do need a longer trip to get out there to target them, they have been moving through pretty steady and larger in size then recent reports, also very important to find patches of seaweed or something floating to locate these fish or you will have a tough time getting a bite. For the theme of the report like I said earlier plenty of big game sharks have been around and after trolling we have been using the bonito we have been catching as fresh bait in order to entice a shark, the sharks can not be taken to eat but they are a great fish to catch and will test you as an angler for sure, hammerhead sharks have been the most common as of recent but we have been catching some sandbar, silky, and bull sharks as well too so nice variety on that, this time of year is one of my favorites to fish so if your in town its a great time to get out deep sea fishing lots of variety and calm winds and seas. If your looking to get out deep sea fishing in the month of July we have availability and would love to have you!! This weeks report has some great pictures of some sea monsters we recently caught on some of our deep sea fishing charters so be sure to check those out as well and remember to follow us on facebook and instagram @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing videos and pictures… Tight lines Capt. Vinnie 954 559 4700

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