Hello everyone, Capt. Vinnie here great report this week for you guys I know I haven’t given you guys one recently because we have been very busy but here is a great one to wrap up the month of May. As of late the fishing in Fort Lauderdale has been sporadic some days better then others, some days so good you dont even want to come in when time is up and other days seems like a struggle to catch a few fish, but thats fishing and thats what keeps us coming back! This week has been one of those weeks with some epic days of fishing some of the best I have seen this year, starting off trolling the reef kingfish have been hard to come by as well as bonito not to many around right now but they should be biting fairly steady in the next coming weeks, when the conditions have been right there has been a fair amount of wahoo around due to the moon cycle and very clean water and heavy currents seems to concentrate them best off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, trolling is the primary way to catch them while on a deep sea fishing charter, seawitches with bonito strips are the go to followed by a blue spoon, wahoo like faster moving baits so trolling a bit quicker. then normal is a great way to get there attention, focusing on the depths of water from 200-400 feet is best also trolling over ship wrecks that are located off the coast of Fort Lauderdale is a good Idea as well. While fishing for wahoo, tuna is a great by catch, larger sized blackfin tuna have been off the coast of fort Lauderdale the last few days, tuna are great fighting fish as well as excellent on the table served raw or grilled you can’t go wrong. Just on the deeper side of the reef there has been a few summer time sailfish biting, fishing with live bait under a kite has been best live goggle eyes would be the bait of choice, sailfish is a great gamefish and fun to catch with there speed and acrobatics. A further offshore fishing report: mahi have been some what plentiful this week on our longer Ft. Lauderdale deep sea fishing charters we have been making a run around 8 miles offshore for mahi it is a little early in the season for them but if you can find something to fish to like birds or debris most likely the mahi are not far behind. This week I have some great photos of some recent catches including 2 giant wahoo we recently caught on our deep sea fishing charters so please be sure to check those out, another busy week this week but there is some availably for the month of June so if your thinking of getting out on the water June is a great time, as always please be sure to follow us on facebook and instagram @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily Ft. Lauderdale fishing videos and repots… Capt. Vinnie  954 559 4700

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