Hello everyone, Capt. Vinnie here this weeks report will be a good one so lets get to it. This week in Fort Lauderdale the fishing has been very good with lots of different species biting, this week has been slightly a little bit on the windy side and kind of unusual weather for the month of May, Fishing daily seems this week the afternoon trips has been better sometimes that happens but thats what makes fishing fun is never knowing what is going to happen, we will start of with the morning, morning trips have been somewhat productive when the seaweed is not out of control, as of late seaweed has been a real problem lately and some days almost unfishable which makes it very tough on the crew in order to keep baits clean, anyways mornings have been producing mostly king mackeral and bonito on the reef best baits as of late has been seawitches with bonito strips fished on the surface as well as under the surface behind planners. The bite in the morning has been in depths from 80-140 feet of water. Afternoon fishing has been where the action has been I wish I knew the answer why the fishing has been better in the afternoon lately but I dont, anyways afternoons have been having a great tuna bite fishing anywhere from 180-350 feet of water trolling the same thing we do on the reef for king mackeral and bonito but its important to fish for natural colors for tuna as they have big eyes and keen eyesight, also while fishing for tuna there has been a few wahoo around always a nice surprise to catch one of those. Also believe it or not sailfish have been quite plentiful recently also which is always nice to have a chance at such a great gamefish, offshore there has been plenty of mahi mahi but they have been a little bit on the smaller size but there has been some bigger fish mixed in searching for debris and birds has been the best bet for dolphin, anytime there is a hard wind from the south east or east there is a very good chance for mahi mahi, I would expect some good mahi fishing after this week and all the wind we are having so be on the look out for that in next weeks report. This week we have some great photos so be sure to check those out, a beautiful sailfish as well as a wahoo and a group of 6 guys that has a great time out with us on there first deep sea fishing charter, we still have some availability left for the month of May so if your looking to do some deep sea fishing now is a great time to do so, remember to follow us on social media platforms like instagram and facebook @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing videos and reports. Tight lines Capt. Vinnie 954 559 4700