Hello everyone Capt. Vinnie here, this week we had some great fishing just like the title of the report says “A Fun Week In Fort Lauderdale” so lets get to it. This week we had a bunch of different fishing conditions from rough seas in the beginning of the week to flat calm towards the end of the week, so a very nice variety of different gamefish we caught. In the beginning of the week we had some windy and rough seas and this time of year that brings in very large dolphin or mahi mahi, trolling is the best way to go for these types of fish they primarily like surface baits this time of year rigged ballyhoo or seawitches with bonito strips make a deadly combo for mahi mahi this time of year, we had our best luck with them this week looking for birds and floating debris. Mahi mahi are a very sought after gamefish for there beautiful colors and jumps as well they taste great! Later in the week when we had some calmer conditions we did do some daytime bottom fishing and caught some very large amberjacks on light tackle although amberjack are not the best eating fish they sure are one of the hardest fighting gamefish we have available in the fort Lauderdale area. Live bait is key for these fish small live fish like baby bonito or goggle eyes fished on a long leader will usually entice the bite. Also this week we did do some shark fishing on one of our trips and we caught a beautiful bull shark about 8 feet long around **hidden content**lbs, a very hard fighting fish and definitely something to get excited over. This week make sure to check out our great photos of some recent catches we had this week. We have availability next week so if your looking to get out fishing now is a great time lots of variety of fish biting right now and great weather coming up this week. As always remember to follow us on instagram and facebook @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing videos and reports. more later… Capt. Vinnie 954 559 4700