Hello everyone Capt. Vinnie here I have a good report this week of our recent deep sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale, this week you could say that spring fishing is in full effect, plenty of different species biting. This week we have had a lot of action while trolling small feathers on the surface and seawitches with bonito strips on our deeper lines while using planers has been very effective. Early morning charters have been best for targeting wahoo, one of the fastest and best tasting fish in the ocean in my opinion. While targeting wahoo as by catch we have been catching plenty of blackfin tuna as well as bonito and the occasional kingfish. When we move towards the afternoons the best bet has been tuna, tuna, tuna. Afternoons as of late seem to have better fishing now I say that as of late loosely because fishing does change daily, but the afternoons have been steady for a limit of blackfin tuna almost every day and very nice sized anywhere from 5lbs to 15lbs with a few bigger fish around as well. Bottom fishing this week has been so-so some days the fish are on the spots and biting and other days no bites, but if you have very good conditions like light wind and light current and trolling is slow its always worth a try. Primarly this week daytime bottom fishing we have been catch snowy grouper and a few tilefish, snappers should start to bite better has we approach April and May. As far as an offshore report there are plenty of mahi mahi of the coast of Fort Lauderdale but a lot of smaller size fish right now it is a little early in the season for mahi mahi but it is a very good sign that there are fish already showing up. This week we had some great catches especially a 50lb wahoo so be sure to check out our great photos of some recent catches this week. Fishing should continue to get better and better as we approach April, so if your in Fort Lauderdale looking for a deep sea fishing charter please look us up, now is the time! As always remember to follow us on instagram and facebook @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing photos and videos. more later….

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