Hello everyone Capt. Vinnie here, another excellent report for you guys this week kind of similar to one of my previous reports about two weeks ago. This week we will start off with another recent daytime swordfish charter that we did with a group from south carolina. This group of guys booked us for two charters in a row and boy did they have a great time. We started off the first day leaving the dock in Fort Lauderdale super early around 5am, where we would take about a 20 mile ride off the coast of fort lauderdale to the drop off in search for a broadbill swordfish. After about 1hour we would arrive to our desired location and began fishing, fishing depths of up to 2000 feet of water we would set up our first drift and get a bite right away, after a 45 min battle we would see the first signs of our fish everyone very nervous in hopes the fish would not come unhooked, within a few minutes we would get a chance to throw a harpoon at the fish and that shoot we did take where the first mate Elliot would throw a bullseye and the battle would be over. On our second day of fishing out of fort lauderdale with the same crew from South Carolina we would focus staying on the reef in hopes for some different species. We decided to start bottom fishing early where we would catch some nice sized rosefish which are great eating, then we decided to try fishing a slow pitch jig on a deeper spot in search for a snowy grouper and that we would get on the first drop instantly we would have a hook up, Dennis was the angler and it was his first fish on his new slow pitch jigging set up he was stoked. On our ride back from the deep we would find a floating wooden stick with lots of life and barnacles where we caught some mahi mahi, mostly smaller fish with a few keepers but a lot of fun none the less, we decided to pull a deep line by this floating piece of debris to maybe catch a wahoo and that we did. All in all a great few days of fishing for Dennis and his buddies from South Carolina, they defiantly will be back fishing with us again in Fort Lauderdale. Lots of different species biting this week in Fort Lauderdale so now is defiantly the time to come out fishing, we have some availability coming so if you thinking about going out fishing now is the time, be sure to check out our photos this week of some of our great recent catches. As always remember to follow us on instagram @Ybnormalsportfishing and like us on facebook for daily fishing reports and videos. Tight lines!!! Capt.Vinnie 954 559 4700

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