Hello everyone, Capt. Vinnie here just like the title says “Fort Lauderdale is Producing”! Lets get to it… As of late the fishing has been very somewhat hit and miss up until this point the fishing the last few days has been very good comparable to early spring time fishing, we have been catching tuna, wahoo, as well as a few sailfish and big game sharks. The morning charters have been slow and I think it is due to the moon being full, a lot of times when the moon is full fish feed during the night time because they are able to see very well with the brightness of the moon. Morning charters have been producing a few bonito and very few blackfin tuna, some bottom fishing in the mornings has been the best way to put a few fish in the box. The afternoons have been some of the best fishing we have had, like I stated earlier about the moon making fish not want to feed in the mornings the later afternoons have turned them on, the tuna bite has been incredible in the later afternoons, tuna have large eyes and tend to bite best in low light conditions when the sun is high it makes them go down in the depths but in low light conditions they move up in the water column to feed and then we can target them, we have been doing best trolling for these fish just offshore of the drop off in Fort Lauderdale, Trolling with planners has been very effective with bonito strips and seawitches. surface baits have been small feathers fished very far behind the boat as well as small squid skirts with mylar inserts. While fishing for tunas and being offshore there is always a good chance for a wahoo and we did catch a beautiful one this week on a planner with a seawitch and bonito strip. Wahoo are one of the fastest fish and one of the best to eat, not to mention one of my favorite to catch. Bottom fishing this week in Fort Lauderdale has been hit and miss when conditions are right and by that I mean some current and calm waters so that you are able to set up on a spot according there has been some very nice size yellow eye snapper as well as some vermillion snapper also a few snowy grouper we did catch this week while bottom fishing. Shark fishing for big game sharks is just starting to heat up and should continue to get better as February and march approach. Check out some of the great photos we have this week of some great catches, hopefully you can be there next week anyways some availability next week so please come out fishing with us the fish are biting, As always remember to follow us on instagram @Ybnormalsportfishing and like us on facebook for daily fishing reports, tight lines see you out on the water! more later… Capt. Vinnie 954 559 4700