Hello everyone Capt. Vinnie here this weeks report is going to be a little different then normal. The fishing this last week has been hit and miss but there has been a few fish around biting, so lets get to it, this week fishing on the reef has been somewhat slow with few fish being caught, there has been some king mackeral around here and there as well as a few small bonito, moving offshore there has been a few small blackfin tuna but no report for mahi as of now. One thing that has been biting and may not be for everyone is sharks! There have been lots of hammerhead sharks around to catch as of late, even though sharks may not be something to take home and eat they are a great way to bend the rod on something large, the shark fishing in Fort Lauderdale begins to pick up here shortly and a great chance to catch one almost every trip. The most common shark we catch is hammerhead shark that being said there are lots of other species we do catch off the coast of Fort Lauderdale like bull sharks, tiger sharks, thresher sharks, as well as the occasional mako shark. The best way to set up for shark fishing in fort Lauderdale is you want to find current first that way the current can take your sent and a shark can find it, we also like to set up in deeper water where there is a temperature change in the daytime the sharks tend to go deep and lay on the bottom in the cooler water, fishing with wire leaders is a must due to the sharks teeth they can cut through regular mono leaders, some of the sharks we do catch can be large in upwards of 12 feet, we use heavy tackle, size 80 reels with 100lb line some of the fights can last up to 3 hours so you have to be ready for anything. Like I stated earlier shark fishing is a great way to catch something large and really get the full experience of true big game fishing in Fort Lauderdale. For a night fishing report this week snapper fishing has been decent on the shallower reefs in 40 foot, most of the snapper we are catching right now are mangrove with a few yellowtail mixed in, chumming heavy has been best to catch them but you need current to catch them not every night there has been current so some nights can be tougher then others, the fishing should improve in the next week or so, if your thinking about fishing in fort Lauderdale we would love to have you, plenty of availability coming up as well, remember to follow us on instagram @ybnormalsportfishing and like us on facebook for daily fishing reports. tight lines Capt. Vinnie 954 559 4700