Hello everyone Capt. Vinnie here, what a great report this week I have with a style of fishing that is somewhat new to the United States but man is it catching a lot of fish. This type of fishing is called “slow pitch jigging” its a style of fishing where we use jigs that are special made from Japan in all shapes, sizes, weights, and colors. We are using no bait only jigs to catch these fish with specialized tackle from Japan. The main target is mostly bottom fish but we do catch pelagic fish like tuna many times. This type of fishing technique allows us to drop jigs deep even with fast current, some of the best fish to catch in are area to eat we have caught on these jigs, some of these fish include, snowy grouper, golden tilefish, and blackfin tuna. jigging is very effective in Fort Lauderdale because you are able to work all the different water columns and that is key to getting bites. We have some great photos this week of some of the great catches we have been catching on these jigs to prove that they work, some monster golden tilefish that live in depths as deeps 900 feet, as well as snowy grouper that also live in the depths. This week we have availability and the weather looks great so if your in the fort Lauderdale area and looking to fish we would love to have you! Remember to follow us on instagram and facebook @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing reports. More later…. Capt. Vinnie 954 559 4700