Hello everyone Capt. Vinnie here, here is the Ft. Lauderdale fishing report that everyone has been waiting for, I know a lot of people that enjoy catching snapper and they are biting. This week we have had a great week of bottom fishing we have been doing very very well fishing for some of the oceans tastiest creatures. The snapper bite has been very good fishing deep when I say deep I mean anywhere from 260 feet out to 400 feet of water. We have been targeting this fish with very light tackle using 20lb test line for the best possible fight you can ask for. Using a multiple hook rig called a chicken rig has been working best for us, you want to use a rig with at least 3 hooks so you have as many chances as you need to bring up 3 fish per drop. Trust me you don’t want to reel up from 300 feet with no fish so the more chances the better. The type of spots we are fishing are natural structure and they are very small so sometimes it could be difficult to get right on top of them but if you happen to hit it just right you will be rewarded!! Some of the types of fish we caught this week where vermillion snapper, yelloweye snapper, and porgy as well as a very nice and rare yellow edge grouper, we only catch about 5 per year! The best bait for the snapper has been small cut pieces of fish we like to use bonito because it stays on the hook very well. Trolling has been somewhat slow this week with a few kingfish as well as tuna and mahi, sailfish are starting to show up as well with the cooler weather. Bottom fishing is a great way to catch a variety of different fish that are all great eating and usually very colorful too. This week we have some availability so if your looking to get out fishing we can accommodate you! Remember to follow us on instagram @Ybnormalsportfishng for daily fishing reports and videos. more later….

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