Hello everyone Capt. Vinnie, we have a great report this week with a good mix of fish that we have ben catching, so lets get right into it! October in Fort Lauderdale is one of my favorite months to fish for mahi mahi or dolphin fish, anytime during this month when the wind blows out of an easterly direction for a few days that usually means mahi. Unlike summer time when you have to go far offshore in order to find these fish, in October you can find them as shallow as 80 feet right on the edge of the reef chasing live baits. We have been primarily catching our mahi in anywhere from 100-400 feet of water, surface baits have been the best way to catch these mahi, small baits with bonito strips or even small rigged ballyhoo have been working best to get the bites. The size of the mahi right now are very nice around 7-10lb average with some bigger ones mixed in, we also have been catching few blackfin tuna but they are on the smaller side right now, a few kingfish as well we have been catching on our planers down deep, and there has been a few sailfish around with some of the cooler weather that we have been having, the sailfish bite should become a lot better as the cooler weather approaches.
I have a great yelllowtail snapper night time fishing report this week, the snapper bite at night time has been on fire and we have been limiting out on nice sized snappers anywhere from 15-20inch, fishing the deeper reef from 75-90 feet of water has been producing best for us. We have been using silversides as bait as well as small pieces of cut ballyhoo the night fishing should continue to stay very well as long as the weather is calm and there is current. I have some great pictures this week of some recent catches, busy week this week for us here but we do have some availability this week. Would love to have you, Like us on facebook and follow us on instagram @Ybnormalsportfising for daily fishing videos.
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