Capt. Vinnie here, this weeks report is great with some of the best eating fish that we catch here in Fort Lauderdale, lets start out with a good mahi mahi bite that has been going on as of late we recently had a nice catch of mahi as well as kingfish and some tuna to, we found a floating tree and casted some small lives baits towards it and was able to catch 7 nice mahi mahi, we have been catching some kingfish as well on the reef with planners as well as tuna. The tuna have been biting best using small squid skirt lures fished far behind the boat and have been averaging between the sizes of 6-10lbs. This week was a full moon so there is always a good chance to catch a wahoo and that we did. Wahoo is one of my favorite fish to catch and eat they have great colors and are great fighters, we catch most of these fish under the surface fishing planers with seawitches and bonito strips. On one of our trips this week we did a fair share of bottom fishing and we caught some beautiful snowy groupers as well as some golden tilefish and rosefish some of the best eatting from the bottom there is. This week we had some great fish that were caught as well as great customers as well which is always a recipe for success. We should see some more mahi approaching this month so be on the look out for those in the next few reports.
I do finally have a night time report for you guys we were able to get out one time this week due to the weather conditions, we had a great night with 4 customers and we were able to limit out on snapper in under 2 hours, now thats a great bite, we did best fishing the deeper reefs in the Fort Lauderdale area, chumming heavy as well as fishing with small cut pieces of fish are the best way to catch yellowtail snapper quickly and like I always say night fishing is a great way to beat the heat. Great report this week check out our photos as well for day to day action follow us on instagram @Ybnormalsportfishing.
Tight lines and more later…
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