Hello everyone Capt. Vinnie here this week I don’t have a huge report for you but I do have report, this week in Fort Lauderdale unfortunately we had some bad weather in the beginning of the week with heavy winds and lots of rain with thunderstorms, pretty much not favorable conditions for a nice day out on the water, we did manage to get out this week after the storms had passed and the mahi mahi bite has been very very good just like we expect this time of year after a storm passes. After large storms pass they push in the mahi from offshore, most floating debris comes in closer and the mahi are able to be caught in a 4 hour deep sea fishing charter. We have some good pictures this week of some recent mahi we caught during a few deep sea fishing charters. The mahi bite should continue to stay good for a few more days so you definitely want to get out there and take advantage, we have been catching them on the surface mostly using strip baits with seawitches fishing anywhere from 100-400 feet of water there has also been some small blackfin tuna showing up as well so that is always a nice bonus. I do not have a night time fishng report at this time due to the weather we had this week but expect one very soon. We have some availability still this week and coming up in the next couple weeks and our winter time fishing should be starting to get into swing so that is always exciting and something to look forward to!
more later..
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