Hey everyone Capt, Vinnie here this weeks report is about some bottom fishing we have been doing lately on our Sportfishing charters, I know not everyone likes to go trolling and I understand that, so sometimes bottom fishing here in Fort Lauderdale can be a great alternative to put some fish in the box, we will start with the wreck fishing which has been very god for some large amberjack. Amberjack are one of the harder fighting fish that we catch and can get as big as 100lbs, amberjacks live on sunken ship wrecks just off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, we usually catch them fishing live baits near the shipwrecks, we have some great pictures this week of some nice amberjacks we recently caught on a Sportfishing charter. Next on the wrecks there has been some nice mutton snappers as well these are one of my favorite snappers by far they have great colors and pull hard as well not to mention they are very good eatting, we have been catching these on small pieces of cut bonito on some of the ship wrecks in the 120-180 foot depth.
On the troll this week there has been a lot and I mean a lot of bonito, they may not be good eatting but a lot of fun none the less if your just looking for action they are great most trips we have been averaging around 40 bonito per trip, thats a lot of reeling!! On our deeper lines fishing planners we have been catching some nice sized barracuda we have some photos this week of some giant barracuda that we caught this week they are a lot of fun and have huge teeth and they love to jump.
There has been some mahi mahi offshore but you need to find something to fish to in order to get lucky enough to catch some, what I mean by something to fish to is either seaweed, debris, or birds. Finding any of these signs will lead you to mahi.
We have some availably this week and would love to get you out fishing with us some please look us up you won’t regret it at all I promise. Thanks everyone
More later….
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