Hello everyone Capt.Vinnie here we have another great report for you this week about most peoples favorite fish to eat and catch in saltwater the mahi mahi or dolphin fish. The dolphin have showed up fairly well in numbers for us here in Fort Lauderdale and we have been catching them very good. The larger fish are not here just yet but will be soon, most of the fish being caught are of the schoolie size from 5-10lbs. The mahi have been being caught anywhere from 6-15 miles offshore so in order for us to get out there and look for them we need at least an 8 hour charter to find them its a big ocean and sometimes it takes a little time to find them, we have been finding the mahi on any type of floating objects, either pieces of wood, garbage or even large pieces of seaweeds, the best bait for the mahi right now seems to be live bait!! We use a baitfish called a pilchard which is green and silver in color and is very frantic when being used for bait the dolphin have a hard time saying no when one of these is dangling near them. When finding the dolphin they have been in schools ranging from 10-50 fish, we use light tackle to target them with 20lb test lines they are very fun to hook because they have great colors and jump. I expect to see bigger fish showing up soon and in numbers as well, dolphin fishing can be very fun but something to keep in mind is it is best to fish for these fish during the middle of the week try to stay away from weekends, on the weekends there are a lot of boats out there fishing for them also and it makes them very shy because of all the pressure.
We have some availability this week so please gives us a call if you would like to get out fishing, we also have some great photos this week of some great mahi catches!
Tight lines. Capt. Vinnie 954 559 4700
more later…