Hello everyone Capt Vinnie, hope everyone is doing well and staying safe we have a good report this week, the mahi mahi or dolphin fish have started to arrive this is very exciting to see, mahi are a great fish to catch as well as eat they have great colors and they jump!! We have been catching mahi anywhere from 700-900 feet off the coast of Fort Lauderdale on any kind of floating debris like seaweed or floating objects, Now something to consider when booking a fishing trip for mahi out of Fort Lauderdale I recommend personally minimum a 6 hour charter but 8 hours is better sometimes we have to travel further offshore to find these fish and we need the extra time to get out there, I also recommend trying to go out fishing for mahi during the weekdays preferably Monday thru Thursday there is less pressure on the fish during these days.
As far as other fish that are biting, trolling the reef has been very productive with nice catches this week of kingfish as well as blackfin tuna and plenty of bonitos, we have been having most of our success on fishing planners with seawitches and bonito strips, as well as small lures on our top lines, there has been plenty of action out there and this is a great time of year to get out fishing if you are thinking about going. Last thing to remember it is very hot out and sunscreen is must, we do have some if you forget to bring your own, we also have cold ac inside of our cabin which is a must also. We have some great photos this week of some out our catches we hope to see you soon!

more later….
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