Hello everyone Capt. Vinnie here hope everyone is doing well, we will start this one off a little different, the daytime fishing has been somewhat slow while trolling and fishing for pelagic fish, so we have been switching git up with some bottom fishing. We have been doing lots of bottom fishing in deep water as deep as 800 feet in search for tilefish which in my opinion is one of the best tasting bottom fish that you can capture, we have been using multiple hook rigs called chicken rigs and using cut pieces of bonito for bait, a heavy weight is required to reach bottom at these depths of 800 feet. Tilefish live in muddy bottom where they make burrows inside the mud bottom and when a fish comes by they attack and retreat back inside there hole. We also caught this week a fish called a southern hake which is a pretty rare fish for the fort Lauderdale are and is related to the cod fish, these are very tasty and are very similar to a fast food fish sandwich you would order. There has also been some vermillion snapper and yellow eye snappers around on some of the deeper wrecks that we have been catching these also are great eating fish.
Night time snapper fishing has been excellent lately with great catches of yellowtail snapper as well as a few mangrove snapper, we do have a great photo of a very nice sized mutton snapper that we recently caught on one of our night time anchor fishing trips, mutton snapper fight very hard and taste excellent as well, fishing has been very good and should continue to get better and better as we get closer to the summer time!! We have a little bit of availability coming up so if your looking to get out fishing give us a call!
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more later…
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