With everything going on in the world right now what a better time to get out fishing in Ft. Lauderdale and take your mind off of things, the Yb Normal in Fort Lauderdale is open and waiting for you to book right now! The Fishing has been outstanding this week with excellent catches of wahoo and also tuna, this is the type of fishing that we expected, for spring time.
After every charter we have been throughly cleaning the Yb Normal with lots of bleach and other cleaning products, we take lots of pride in having a very clean vessel we also have complementary hand sanitizer for any customers that would like some.
The fishing this week has been best on the troll with small lures like feathers and squid skirts for tuna, most of our wahoo have been caught on planners that take baits down under the water, we have been using seawitches and bonito strips on our planners.

If your looking to get out fishing on a clean vessel that catches fish the Yb Normal is a great choice we will do our best to make it a great experience for all ages. Check us out now we are ready fo you to book!
more later…

Capt. Vinnie 954 559 4700