This week has been a very busy week of fishing, First let me say that here at the YB Normal we are doing everything possible to protect our clients health and safety in stopping the spread of the coronavirus, this includes extra cleaning before and after trips, wiping down everything with Clorox and alcohol based solutions in and out of the boat on every surface. We are providing hand sanitizer for everyone on the boat. With only small groups of 6 or less fishing is one of the activities in Fort Lauderdale that you can really have fun doing, we have not heard of anyone catching coronavirus from a fish, now lets get back to the good stuff the fishing report…
As for the fishing this week it has been outstanding we have been having some of the best tuna fishing I have seen in years all while trolling, most blackfin tuna has been the catch but there has been some bonito and skipjack tuna as well small baits like feathers have been working best for the tuna and fishing in the depths of 200-300 feet seem to be holding some of the best concentrations of tuna, also we have had some mahi mahi action as well they have been mixed in with the tuna and seems to be a lucky catch for now we will start to see more mahi as it gets closer to summer.
Bottom fishing for snapper has been very good as well some small wrecks and rock piles have been holding some vermillion snapper as well as yellowed snapper and some porgy, all which are great eating.
I do have a night fishing report for this week, we did have a snapper trip scheduled and it was a great success, very nice sized yellowtail snapper was the majority on this trip, when the conditions line up the fishing tends to be excellent, our best baits for the yellowtail seemed to be small cut pieces of fish as well as silverside minnows. We also caught some Spanish mackerel on our night time charter which is somewhat rare but a great eating fish none-less.

With the global issue of the coronavirus fishing is still a safe activity to do with a very small group, As of now we are open for business and would love to have you, so if you have any interest in a deep sea fishing charter in the Fort Lauderdale area please give us a call, we have some great pictures this week so check those out as well!
Tight lines!

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more later….