This week in Fort Lauderdale we have had some great weather and some great fishing as well, this week I want to focus on eating fish because thats what we have been catching the most of lately, dolphin, tuna, and wahoo. Daytime fishing is what we have been doing the most of lately, we have been trolling mostly with little to no bottom fishing because the bite has been very good trolling. The tuna bite has been outstanding for us but it seems the best time is either early morning or late afternoon, a lot of the tunas we have been catching are on birds that we are finding diving.
Small lures like squid skirts and tiny feathers have been the best for us, tuna have very good eyesore and its important to match what they are eating, a lot of our tunas have had small sardines and baby squids in there stomach so fishing small squid lures is perfect for them, we also have been catching a few dolphin which is very rare for this time of year we have been catching them while trolling the reef for kingfish and tuna, dolphin are a colorful fish and full of energy and they love to jump all in all its the perfect gamefish, also this week we did manage to catch one of my favorite fish a wahoo, in my opinion this is one of the best fish that there is to eat, we don’t catch them often which makes them special, wahoo like to prey on small gamefish like tuna and dolphin so usually if you find tuna there is a chance for a wahoo too! It was a great week for us with lots of great customers and we have some great pictures as well.
As far as night fishing goes I have not been out fishing at night but I would imagine that it would be fairly decent if there is some current, our fishing should continue to improve as we approach spring time get ready!

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more later…
Capt. Vinnie