What a great trip we had this week, some of the best fishing we have seen in Fort Lauderdale in while, we had a great local group from the Hollywood florida area, which is only 10 min south of Fort Lauderdale where the YB Normal is located, most of the charters we do are 4 hour trips but we do offer longer sportfishing trips for people that really enjoy deep sea fishing. Johnathan and his group arrived dockside at 745am and we would leave at 8am sharp weather was great and so where the seas pretty much as calm as you can get, we decided to head south towards miami since we had 8 hours of fishing and we put some lines out to troll as we headed south we would stay shallow inside of 30 feet of water so we wouldn’t have to fight and currents and we immediately would hook up on a nice cero mackeral around 5lbs or so, we would continue to head south a continue catching more nice sized mackerel as well as bonito which are great fighters, once we got where we wanted to fish we would put out our normal spread of 5 lines and catch a nice size king mackeral, another great eating fish, then we decided to venture out little deeper and troll over some of the shallow wrecks in search of a strike immediately we would get a bite on one of our surface lines which would end up being a very nice sized barracuda, later in the afternoon there was some weather that decided to move in and it would rain for the rest of the trip, but the fish definitely didn’t mind because the tuna bite turned on and the blackfin tuna were biting very well, we would catch a total of 20 blackfin tuna all ranging around 10lbs or so on surface baits as well as deep baits fished on planners, on one of our passes while tuna fishing our deep planner would get hit with a lot of force and it turned out to be a 30lb kingfish a great fish that put up a great fight!
Time would begin to run low as we would make our way back towards the dock and we would get 2 very nice bites in the surface lines that would turn out to be mahi or dolphin fish, a very nice surprise, a great gamefish and excellent table fare, we would land both mahi and by then everyone was spent and decided we could head in, it was a wonderful trip that Johnathan and his friends would talk about for a long time. Personally for me as a captain fishing these water daily that was one of the best tuna bites I have seen in a very long time! I would dock the YB Normal and we would take all the fish out for some great pictures as well as a great dinner that night! Another successful trip in the books and hopefully a repeat customer as well!

If your in the Fort Lauderdale area and looking for a sport fishing charter check out the YB Normal they have a variety of trips to suit anyones needs as well as a professional crew!

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