Its been a very busy week for us down here in sunny Fort Lauderdale and thank goodness the fish are biting also, this week on the Yb Normal, the main bite for us has been blackfin tuna! Like the title says sushi for dinner blackfin tuna is a great fish to eat for sushi or it can be lightly seared in a pan, and also lets not forget one of my favorite ways is to boil the tuna and mix it with mayo and onions as well as celery and make a great healthy tuna salad, any way you eat them there great they also are great fighters, we have been having some great tuna action in 200-400 feet of water while trolling small lures like feathers as well as seaaitches and bonito strips on planners to get baits down deep, the best bites have been early in the morning or late in the afternoon tuna have big eyes and bite best in low light conditions, one fish in general I would like to talk about is the wahoo we caught one wahoo this week that was rather large, the wahoo is the predator fish of the tunas and also one of the fastest fish in the ocean, wahoo are known for there fast runs and excellent table fair. While trolling for tuna sometimes you can get lucky and Catcha wahoo, other then that its been quiet on the reef with a few kingfish around and some bonito, looks like there is going to be one more cold front approaching so we should see one more good run of sailfish after that hopefully then everything will be transitioning to spring time which is one of my favorite times to fish.
As far as night fishing goes I haven’t been out as of late due to some of the heavy winds and seas we have been having but from experience I would imagine it is good if there is light wind at night, we have some availability upcoming the next few weeks so if you have any interest in booking a deep sea fishing charter in fort Lauderdale check out the YB Normal, there always on the fish!!!
more later…
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