Lets start this one of by saying Happy New Year from the YB Normal out of Fort Lauderdale florida, this week has been a long one for us here with lots of great clients this week and some very good fishing as well. We have been having some great fishing in the afternoons believe it or not, there has been a lot of tuna around, blackfin as well as skipjack tuna too, both of these types of tunas are great eating and fight hard, we have been catching most of these tunas on the planners with seawitches and bonito strips, great colors for these tunas seem to be natural colors like blue and white as well as purple and white most of our tunas have been averaging 2-15lbs. Now one fish that we don’t really catch often but has been around and one of my favorites is the wahoo we have been catching them this week while trolling for tuna these fish are one of the fastest fish in the ocean and they are in my opinion one of the greatest fish for the dinner table as well. We tend to catch a lot of wahoo when there is tuna around because the wahoo prey on small tunas.
The bottom fishing has been fairly good as well, the first of the year opened a great fish we like to target called golden tilefish, these fish live very deep on the bottom as deep as 900 feet and they taste great and are usually very nice sized, we use electric reels in order to reach these depths. We have caught a few of these fish so far since the season has opened, the weather has been very nice and the fish are definitely biting, if your looking to get out there fishing now is a great time to book a deep sea fishing charter, there has been a great variety of fish biting from the surface to the bottom. We should continue to see more sailfish as well to.
More later…

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