This week on the YB Normal has been a busy one for us down here in Fort Lauderdale. The week of Christmas is always a busy one we have had some great catches this week on our Ft. Lauderdale deep sea fishing charters, First let’s start off with saying it has been windy here and the size have been what we like to call sporty but the fishing is on. The wind has been coming from the northeast around 15-20mph and the sailfish bite off the coast of Fort Lauderdale as been out of control! We have been catching at least 1-2 sailfish per trip some trips as many as 5 sailfish in 4 hours. We have been targeting the sailfish with live baits like goggle eyes and the preferred method for sail fishing is called kite fishing, this is where you use a kite that is for fishing and you have release clips on the line and you clip your live baits on a separate rod into those release clips and when a fish bites the tension from the strike causes the clips to open and now your free to fight the fish, the purpose of the kite is to keep the baits right on the surface of the water splashing around and panicking. Kite fishing also allows you to have only the bait and the hook in the water the rest of the tackle like the leader and what not is in the air, sailfish have very good eyesight and can be very cautious before eating.
A great trip that comes to mind is a group we had in the afternoon that strictly wanted to target sailfish so we went right out and set up to kitefish, fishing 2 kites with 2 baits per kite so a total of 4 baits out a once and within 10 min we had our first sailfish, a younger gentleman by the name of Ryder was the first angler and he battled the fish for 25 min and we would land the sailfish, while releasing the first fish we would get another bite and Ryders dad would be the angler with another sailfish hooked up. He would battle the fish for a good 20 min or so and land the fish then we would get more baits back out and within another 30 min of so of waiting we would receive another bite on one of our kite baits and immediately could see that it was a sailfish so this time Ryders uncle would be the angler and he would battle a sailfish for around another 20 min or so and would land him as well and release to fight another day. After this we would reel in our spread and head for the dock everyone had caught 1 sailfish each which would make a great trip for us.
The sailfish bite has been very very well this week with a few other catches of skipjack tunas, as well as mahi and kingfish the fishing should continue to stay very good with the weather that we have right now, If you ever wanted to try and catch one of these fish this is the time to book your trip aboard the YB Normal!
More later…
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