This week has been a busy one for us here in Fort Lauderdale at the YB Normal, we want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. With all the Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters we had this week there is one charter in mind that really has a special place in my heart, we had a great group from California that had booked an afternoon deep sea fishing charter with us and the father had told me. that one of his sons was in a wheel chair and was wondering if we could accommodate them, my first answer was no problem at all! the YB Normal has a giant fishing platform the largest in the fleet! We left the dock 1pm sharp and headed out of Port Everglades inlet and would be to the fishing grounds with in 15 min, on the way out Tex’s dad had explained to me that his son has always dreamed of going deep sea fishing for many years and today would be the day his dream would come true.
We started out trolling with our signature spread of 2 planers down one with a bonito strip and seawitch and the other with a 2inch blue spoon, as well as 3 surface baits consisting of small squid skirts and bubble jet lures. Very quickly into the trip we would get a bite on the high line and Tex was the angler he reeled in a nice bonito his first saltwater fish, then I would continue to head offshore in search of some tunas I would find some bird activity in around 600 feet of water where we would get multiple hook ups consisting of blackfin tuna as well as skipjack tuna, both of these tunas are great eating and sushi grade as well if iced right away.
Shortly after trolling we would do some deep dropping we had excellent conditions for this style of fishing there was light wind and current so we decided to manually drop instead of using an electric reel. Our first spot was in 800 feet of water where we would drop a multiple hook rig and once reaching bottom we would hook up instantly as Tex was the angler again he would soon need help from the entire family to reel up a mystery fish, after the whole family helped reel in the fish we could see color and it was a very nice sized golden tilefish, these fish live in deep water and taste excellent also they have great colors to them, everyone was in shock that fish can actually live that deep in the water, we would then head a little further offshore in search of some black belly rose fish that are also great eating but this time we used an electric reel because everyone was tired from reeling up the tilefish we made 3 drops with a rig consisting of 5 hooks we would catching a total of 10 Rose fish. Time was running short and we would make our way back to the dock, I decided to put out a lure to troll on the way in and we would hook up after about 20 min of running at 13knots to the dock after a 15 min fight Tex would reel in a very nice sized blackfin tuna!
On the way to the dock Tex dad would come up to the fly bridge and tell me thank you for making my boys day I appreciate so much and I told him that we always try our best no matter what and when there our kids on the boat its always about the kids no matter what! Faces full of smiles and plenty of pictures where takin as I back the YB Normal into her slip in beautiful Fort Laudedale Florida, Another great deep sea fishing charter in the books!
Capt. Vinnie 954 559 4700

If your ever in the Fort Lauderdale Area and looking to do a deep sea fishing charter check out the YB Normal they can accommodate anyone no matter what and I mean no matter what! They have a variety of fishing charter to choose from as well as a great professional crew!