Temptures down in south florida specially in Fort Lauderdale have been chilly lately for us Floridians, but just because its cold outside doesn’t mean that the fish are not hungry. In the winter time in Fort Lauderdale we have some special events take place! Now when you think of mahi or dolphin fish you think of summer time and offshore, well in the winters down in Fort Lauderdale there is an abundance of live bait mainly ballyhoo on our deeper reefs the mahi are an open ocean fish and they go where the food is so naturally in the winter time mahi are feeding on ballyhoo and will come as close as 20 feet of water to catch them. In the winters in fort Lauderdale the mahi fishing can be very good when locating birds or showering bait on the reefs. This week we had some great customers that fished with us from older customers to children, as I always say all ages are welcome on the YB Normal, one great memory from this week was a charter that we took with 2 older women, Louise and her friend Linda, they decided to charter the YB Normal for a 4 hour private morning trip while there husbands stayed back and went to some of the great casinos around the area, we caught some nice mahi as well as kingfish, bonito and a large barracuda, we were fishing 2 planners down as well as 3 surface baits of seawitches and strips. We also caught some nice mahi and kingfish with Tim who booked a 6 hour charter with us, like I said earlier if you can locate birds or even bait showering inshore on the reef the mahi will be there and thats what I found, we also caught some great vermillion snappers on some deep spots, it was a great trip with plenty of good fish for dinner.
The night time fishing for snapper, like yellowtail, mangrove, and mutton snapper has been very good we have been almost limiting out every night we go it has been cold so you want to dress accordingly but it has been very good.
Our winter time fishing is just starting here in Fort Lauderdale and it should only continue to get better as it gets colder, we should see a great push of sailfish here very shortly which is exciting because they are a great gamefish so something to look forward to with the next few cold fronts… till next time

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If Your ever in the Fort Lauderdale area and looking to do some deep sea fishing check out the YB Normal they have plenty of trips to target any type of gamefish you would like as well as an awesome crew that is professional, what are you waiting for the fish are biting!!!