This week on the YB Normal out of Fort Lauderdale, the weather has been a little wet, there has been lots of rain the past few days and some strong winds as well, although there has been a few days where we have had some breaks in the weather and we were able to get out there and go fishing! A lot of the rain that we have been having are early signs of cold fronts that are coming down to Fort Lauderdale which are very important for us to start our winter time fishing. Anyways we have had some great fishing this week on the days that the weather allows, the night fishing for snapper has been exceptionally very good! We took a great customer of mine out on a night trip this week his name is Scott and he wanted to take his family out for a 5 hour snapper charter, we left the dock at 7pm sharp and headed out of port everglades to the reef, once we got to the spot we anchored the boat in around 70 feet of water and put out chum, the yellowtail snapper where hungry and we started catching them right away flatlining small cut baits like silversides and ballyhoo, a few of Scotts family decided to fish the bottom while the others free lined baits back with the chum, then a few minutes later something great would happen which is the whole purpose of the title of this report Scotts brother would drop to the bottom and pull up a lobster! yes a lobster! on a piece of cut ballyhoo now that takes some skill. Myself being a capt for over 10 years I have only seen this happen one other time, the lobster was hooked in the mouth with the hook and was legal size, if you ask me that is probably the best thing in the ocean to catch on the reef, luckily the lobster was of legal size so that would just add to the great dinner of snapper and lobster that Scott and his family would enjoy the next night!
As for daytime fishing there has been a great kingfish bite using planners and seawitches with bonito strips anywhere from 100 feet of water out to 200, on some of the days we have with lots of rain and clouds making it overcast there has been some very nice blackfin tunas around some almost 15lbs, the tunas have been in around 200-400 feet of water and we have been catching them on small squid skirt lures and feathers.
We took jimmy and his son out fishing for a 4 hour private morning charter and were able to put them on a very nice kingfish bite and a blackfin tunas that day we had a cold front come through and the wind would blow almost 40mph, jimmy and his son were troopers and held in there and we were able to make it a great trip for them!
Fishing should continue to be very good and we should see a nice push of sailfish soon!
If your in Fort Lauderdale and looking to do a deep sea fishing charter check out the YB Normal they will always work hard and do there best to keep you on the fish and they have plenty of different trips to help suit anyones needs!
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