Its been a long week here in Fort Lauderdale, we just had one of the biggest boat shows in the entire world and the YB Normal has been out of the water for a little bit of time for some TLC, the old girl has a lot of improvements that we have done this year, just to name a few there is a brand new air condition unit, as well as new deck paint and new paint on the flybridge as well as some work to the propellers and engine. It feels great to be back, since the boat has been put back in the water we have fished a few charters and one charter that comes to mind is a recent 10 hour charter that we did, this isn’t a normal charter that gets booked a lot but we do offer it, normally this trip is for mahi or dolphin, the extra time gives us the ability to get offshore, this charter the mahi bite was not very good so we decided to stay on the reef and troll a fair amount as well as do some deep dropping, the action on the reef was not as good as we would hope but we did manage to catch a very nice sized trophy barracuda which was almost 60 inches long, a true monster we did release the fish because the food value is not very good. After trolling we decided to drop some lines on some spots in the 400 feet area for deep water species like snapper grouper and tilefish, the best rig for this king of fishing is called a chicken rig it has multiple hooks and a sinker on the bottom sometimes fishing these depths we even use a water activated light because sunlight does not penetrate these depths. As soon as making contact with the bottom we were getting bites instantly we caught some nice sized vermillion snappers as well as a few yellow eye snapper all great eating!
What we have been catching quite often is small red snappers which is very weird for the Atlantic waters all are undersized and had to be let go but very cool catch non the less, we also caught a small snowy grouper which is very good eating as well.
Deep dropping is a fun way to fish you can catch a lot of different types of fish that are great eating as well as maybe a few fish that you have never seen before! Fort Lauderdale is a great location for multiple types of fishing because of the convience of deep water being so close! This turned out to be a great trip for our customers they would go home with plenty of fish for the dinner table as well as some sore arms too.

Next time your in Fort Lauderdale and looking to do some Ft.Lauderdale fishing either for trophy fish or maybe some fish for dinner check out the YB Normal we will put you on the fish!
Capt. Vinnie 954 559 4700