This week on the YB Normal we had a bunch of great charters but there is one that really sticks out to me. We had a trip this week with three little kids ages 3,5,8.
Here at the YB Normal in Fort Lauderdale we love children we encourage anyone that has children to bring them out with us, we have been doing this for a long time and something about teaching a child how to fish is a great memory for everyone specially when they catch there first fish! So anyways back to our charter we headed out the inlet at 8am sharp and the weather was excellent flat calm seas and light winds, now what I have always noticed with children is its not always about the size of the fish for them but its more about the catching part and learning, the more fish you can catch the better even if there just smaller fish to them its great, so we set up to troll with some small feathers to catch bonitos or small tunas and we also had 1 Planner down just incase because there has been some wahoo around, right away the planner had been hit the children tag teamed the fish and it ended up being a nice sized kingfish that they where excited about taking home and eating, we continued to troll around catching a bunch of small bonitos at some points of the charter we had multiple hook ups where all three kids where reeling in a fish at 1 time, later in the charter we would show the kids that the bonitos are great bait for other fish and we would go do some bottom fishing, we dropped our electric reel because where we were fishing was very deep, and we showed the children how to use the reel and we ended up catching a bunch of vermillion snappers and a small amberjack. All in all a another great sportfishng charter out of Fort Lauderdale on the YB Normal. When we got back to the dock we took some great photos and cut the fish up as well as feed the local dock tarpon and jacks the scaps.
If your ever in Fort Lauderdale and looking to do a sportfishng charter and you have children check out the YB Normal we can accommodate you and your children and give you guys a memory that will last a lifetime!!

Capt. Vinnie 954 559 4700